Hjordis Gilmore Receptionist hgilmore@blockandco.com
Sydney Guthrie Receptionist sguthrie@blockandco.com
Angie Rogers Vice President - Accounting arogers@blockandco.com 816-412-7317
Chris O'Banion Property Accountant cobanion@blockandco.com 816-412-7321
Denelle Perry Special Projects Analyst dperry@blockandco.com 816-412-7336
Diane Adkins Property Accountant dadkins@blockandco.com 816-412-7331
Janie Caudle Corporate Accoutant jcaudle@blockandco.com 816-412-7385
Leslie Crust Property Accountant lcrust@blockandco.com 816-412-7349
Mary Novak Property Accountant mnovak@blockandco.com 816-412-7329
Michelle McNutt Property Accountant mmcnutt@blockandco.com 816-412-7360
Madison Jones Administrative Assistant mjones@blockandco.com 816-412-7350
Mitch DiCarlo Director of Development & Construction mjdicarlo@blockandco.com 816-412-7320
Reuben Pate Senior Vice President - Development/Construction rpate@blockandco.com 816-412-7322
Rick Weiser Executive Vice President - Construction rweiser@blockandco.com 816-412-7344
David Block Principal/President dblock@blockandco.com 816-412-7400
Amy Ehlers Senior Vice President - Finance/Development aehlers@blockandco.com 816-412-7345
Gene Nelson Acting Chief Operating Officer gnelson@blockandco.com 816-412-7318
Steve Caffey Executive Vice President - CEO scaffey@blockandco.com 816-412-7300
Emily Mobley hr@blockandco.com
Information Technology
Paul Daniels IT Assistant pdaniels@blockandco.com 816-412-7355
Tim Daniels Director of Information Technology tdaniels@blockandco.com 816-412-7370
Janet Toohey Insurance Coordinator, AIS jtoohey@blockandco.com 816-412-7361
Marketing & Graphics
James Lampone Strategic Projects Specialist jlampone@blockandco.com 816-412-7379
John Moffitt Director of Marketing jmoffitt@blockandco.com 816-412-7366
Sara Zahner Vice President of Marketing szahner@blockandco.com 816-412-7319
Property Management
Cynthia Turner Administrative Assistant cturner@blockandco.com 816-412-7376
Heidi Weers Administrative Assistant hweers@blockandco.com 816-412-7375
Support Staff
Chelsey Deweese Executive Assistant cdeweese@blockandco.com 816-412-7328
Christina Batrez Administrative Assistant cbatrez@blockandco.com 816-412-7311
Collin Myers Executive Assistant cmyers@blockandco.com 816-412-7381
Lisa Stanley Executive Assistant lstanley@blockandco.com 816-412-7369
Madison Becklean Administrative Assistant mbecklean@blockandco.com 816-412-7374
Stephanie Cunningham Executive Assistant scunningham@blockandco.com 816-412-7354
Tonya West Administrative Assistant twest@blockandco.com 816-412-7359
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