Block & Company partners with Kansas City Parks & Rec Department to expand Historic Garment District Museum

July 12, 2017

Art Ruiz and David M. Block of Block & Company, Inc., Realtors teamed up with the Kansas City, Missouri Parks & Recreation Department to assist in the expansion of a new exhibition and programming space for the Historic Garment District Museum. The new space is located on the first floor of the 800 Broadway building in downtown Kansas City, MO and will offer new exhibits, programs, and an event space that will celebrate the rich history of Kansas City's Garment District. The expansion adds 3,300 square feet of exhibition space, allowing the museum to further display their collection of historic clothing, textiles, costumes, and contemporary works from local fashion designers.

In May of 2016, Anna Marie Tutera, Executive Director of the Kansas City Museum, contacted Block & Company about the parks & recreation department's intent on expanding the Historic Garment District Museum. Ruiz and Block spearheaded the assignment and worked closely with Tutera to pinpoint the perfect location that would best facilitate their needs.

Anna Marie Tutera, Executive Director of the Kansas City Museum spoke on her experience working with Ruiz and Block,

"It was such a pleasure to work with David Block and Art Ruiz. They are such champions of the Kansas City Museum expanding its vision in the Historic Garment District Museum, and both understand and are enthusiastic about the preservation and presentation of Kansas City's rich history."

David M. Block had this to say on collaborating with the Kansas City Parks & Recreation Department,

"We've worked on several assignments over the years with the Kansas City Parks & Recreation Department and it's always been a pleasurable and rewarding experience working with their staff. This particular deal was a challenge with the limited space available in downtown Kansas City but an honor to be a part of. Both Art and I enjoyed working with Anna Marie Tutera and our involvement in a deal that showcases Kansas City's cultural significance that the Historic Garment District Museum displays."
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