Block & Company Quarterly Report - 4th Quarter 2017

February 1, 2018

Block & Company Quartlery Report - 4th Quarter 2017

Letter from President David M. Block
The resurgence of the US economy and the positive impact it has directly had on the commercial real estate industry has made 2017 one of the most exciting years in awhile. Block & Company's strong relationships with new clients, investors, and management opportunities have increased alongside our economy. With the current administration's tax plan passing, we've already seen both small and large companies expanding their operations with significant capital growth and reinvestments.

The changes we've seen to commercial real estate bodes well for the growth of the firm. However, the one aspect that will always remain the same is our commitment to the service we provide for our clients. The retail sector of the industry has evolved significantly over the last decade and much of our success can be attributed to our people and their ability to proactively adapt with the industry as it changes. Being at the forefront of innovation in our field is what makes us an industry leader throughout
Kansas City and the Midwest.

I am also excited and very proud of the team of individuals at Block & Company for the charitable donations we have made throughout the 4th quarter and holiday season. Contributions to several different charities including Operation Breakthrough and our own Emilie Rosebud Diabetes Research Foundation have been exciting to see and shows the commitment we have to charitable causes. I want to wish everyone and their families a happy holiday season and a healthy and prosperous year in 2018.

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