January 15, 2010

Study Kansas City's commercial real estate development history, and it will become immediately apparent there are very few, if any, areas of the city untouched by Block & Company Inc. Realtors. Like a ripple in a pond, this veteran business has extended its real estate reach from Kansas City's core to its outer banks time and again throughout its extensive history. Owner/Broker David M. Block has become a trusted advisor to investors and business owners alike - much like his father, James H. Block, who opened and operated the company alongside brother Allen Block in 1946.

"David's always been a hard worker," says Bob Lewellen, one of KC's best-known civic leaders and business investors. "When he was 12 years old, he got up at 4 a.m. and helped me make dough for my Pizza Hut restaurants before school. Today the majority of my income comes from real estate deals David has put together for me. He was making dough for me then, and he makes dough for me now."

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