Block & Company, Inc., Realtors is proud to offer a wide array of investment services catered to fit our client's demands and investment goals. With over 70 years of experience in commercial real estate investing, we continue to showcase our unmatched expertise in restaurant, retail, office, industrial, and hospitality investments. Block & Company's investment team specializes in all facets of real estate acquisition, disposition, and 1031 exchange properties.

Whether you are looking to invest in commercial real estate for personal, retirement, or corporate purposes, our team has the investment experience and market knowledge to connect investment capital to new opportunities.

Triple Net Leases (NNN)

For real estate owners and investors, the triple-net lease is the most attractive of all lease agreements and most commonly used for freestanding commercial buildings. In this scenario, the tenant agrees to pay for building insurance, repairs, maintenance, and all real estate taxes. Triple-net lease investments provide the property owner with the peace of mind that when unexpected maintenance needs arise, the tenant is fully responsible.

1031 Exchanges

When properly structured, a 1031 exchange allows for an investor to sell a property and reinvest the net proceeds into a new property while deferring capital gain taxes. These tax-deferred exchanges enable investors to facilitate extensive portfolio growth and an increased return on investment. The experienced staff at Block & Company rigorously monitors 1031 exchange transactions and new opportunities that arise on behalf of our investors.


Sale-leaseback is a service that Block & Company provides business owners as a vehicle to convert their real estate assets into capital for business expansion. A sale-leaseback occurs when a business sells real estate it owns to an investment group and then immediately enters into a long-term net lease. A major advantage of a sale-leaseback for both the buyer and seller is the assurance this option provides. The selling party receives the capital they need to expand their business while keeping the existing operation in place.The buying party gains a long term lease co-tenant in return.


A build-to-suit lease is a common arrangement whereby a property owner will construct a free-standing building for a single tenant that meets their exact specifications and needs. Block & Company's investment group provides the necessary funds to construct the building in exchange for a long term lease and continued ownership of the property.

The unique position of acting as a broker, or a broker owner/partner, has allowed us to view investments differently. We understand ownership concerns and examine every opportunity from an investor's perspective. Our clients, a number of which have been investing with us for over 50 years, appreciate the commitment we make as we look to fill future opportunities. Our approach is thorough, creative, and always with our client's desire as our number one criteria in completing our task.

Our network of valuable resources and key business relationships enable us to provide expertise with the highest level of detailed attention and oversight to preserve and improve the value of our client's investments. Market knowledge is key to all successful real estate investments, and Block & Company's Investment Division has been successfully expanding the wealth of our investors for over 7 decades.

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